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We make delicious Gluten Free (and oat free!) cookies – they’re hand weighed, hand baked, artisan cookies, delivered to your door within 24hrs of baking. It’s up to your inner cookie monster whether you eat them straight from the box or freeze them ready to warm and eat at a later date – you decide (although warming before eating will add that extra level of goodness)



we’re not just selling amazing gluten & dairy-free safe cookies… (not that you’d know they were), no, what we are offering is…

An amazing alternative to the run of the mill dry gluten free offering from the supermarkets or the obligatory brownie from the local coffee shop

Peace of mind and the knowledge that now everyone will be envious of your tea time treat!!

Thoughtfulness – we also care about our non GF friends so be kind and try not to leave them out when you have your ‘cookie break’

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