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Are they healthy?

Erm. . . Maybe not for the waistline but yes definitely for the soul!! (#treatswithoutwheat).

Can they be frozen? –

Can I freeze them – Yes you can – Simply pop a pre baked cookie in the oven for 6-8 mins (depending on the level of crunchiness you like) on 180C to bring it back to that fresh baked (chewy & Gooey) taste.

Do they contain oats?

No they don’t, we use a gluten free mixed flour which is a combination of rice, tapioca and potato as well as corn flour. For additional information please request a sheet showing all ingredients.

Do we use Soya?

We try to limit the amount of soya we use in our cookies. We’ve listened to our Dairy free customers and our GF/DF cookies are now made with a sunflower base and non soya containing products.

Are they nut free?

Not all our cookies contain nuts but our kitchen does use nuts on a daily basis. We do a full clean down between batches but cannot guarantee a nut free environment. Sorry!

Is it Coeliac or celiac?

We don’t mind where you come from, we cater for every coeliacs needs

Are they as good as Millies?

No way, they are better!! Why… because even followers of a glutenfree lifestyle can enjoy them safely! 8 out of 10 cookie lovers say yes! – (10 out of 10 coeliacs can even say yes and safely)

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