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I never thought that the one thing I would miss the most when diagnosed with coeliacs disease 12yrs ago would be a cookie!

You think of bread and pasta and cakes and how your life has just taken a turn for the worse, eating in was now difficult enough but eating out with friends had become a mission, grabbing a snack on the go meant a packet of ready salted crisps was about the only option, and every item you picked up needed to be studied rigorously to see if it was free from the dreaded gluten!

However, naively I thought the one area of my life which would still be simple was a catch up with friends over coffee until the realisation hit me that even my sweet treat had turned against me! A coffee without a cookie seemed odd, the 2 went hand in hand in my life, I had managed to give up bread and pasta which is a mean feat to a girl who grew up in France with an Italian family, but not being able to have a simple chocolate chip cookie with a cuppa was a disaster!

12 yrs later, going out and meeting friends is much simpler, not as scary as you first thought and so much more on offer for us gluten free’ers yet still I searched in vain for a gluten free cookie at a coffee shop, plenty of chocolate brownies on offer but no fresh baked, just out of the oven, warm melted chocolate sticking to your fingers cookie anywhere. So that’s when the other half challenged me to make my own, 4 months, hundreds of cookies in the bin and a few frustrated tears later it worked and Gingerellas was born.

So go on, put the kettle on and settle down with a fresh baked cookie.

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